Thursday, January 22, 2009

BJ Brew

After another trip to the Beer Nut BJ Brew purchased a 2nd fermention bottle. Here is the work in progress. After letting that sit for 8 days they were ready to bottle. Jason took a trip to Colorado to go skiing with The Powles, but while skiing the first day he found that our camera had some how broke. So when it came time to bottle we didn't have a camera so you can only see the end product. But we have a new one - see video below.

So January 22,2009 - BJ Brew tested their first brew.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

BJ Brew

Jason and our neighbor Bill have been talking for awhile about brewing their own beer. Of course Becca (Bill's wife) and I were very skeptical of the whole thing. They did do some research and they were ready to start this adventure. So we start off at the Beer Nut here in SLC they split the cost of $120. The BJ Brewing took place in the Wiscott kitchen, which really made the whole house stink. They started the process at 7:45 Jan 2 and finished Jan 3 Midnight. Good thing we had lots of snow from the cool down or who knows how long it would have taken. Look for further postings on Dos & Don'ts of brewing and possible taste testing.

New Year's PJ Party

For the last 2 years we have thrown a PJ Christmas Party but this year we had to change things around and do a New Year's PJ Party. We had a great time with our neighbors and friends. The hot tub got some use and we played rock band thanks Bill & Becca for bringing it.

Christmas 2008

The joys of living in UT, you always get a White Christmas. We spent the early part of the morning shoveling ourselves out and then we headed to the Bostic's for Christmas dinner. We didn't want to stay to long as we had more company coming in, the Powles from Colorado. Lori and I took Josh to the Discovery Gateway for a day of fun while Jason and Jeff went skiing at Solitude. We all went skiing at Brighton.