Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Ski Day

Jason went for opening day at Brighton last Wednesday with Sandy Bostic of course they forgot the camera but overall they had a good time. They only lasted until noon both agreed that they were out of shape. Jason even sat in the hot tub twice that day.

Busy Weekend

I'm not even sure where to start for this weekend.

Friday night I had Book Club at the house, or as Jason likes to call it "Nerd Night". Then Saturday I went to Tamara Bostic's for recipe exchange, which by the way was mighty tasty. Also Saturday night Jason had ordered the UFC Fight - Couture vs Lesnar. So when I got back from Bostic's we had a house full here watching the fight. And then of course Sunday NFL football started at 11am, and then Jason had hockey and that was the end of our weekend.